Heretic Designs

This is my digital portfolio for a video game concept, based on the Knights Templar of the Crusades.
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Thank you.

Josh Bakker

Monday, May 3, 2010

Knights Final

In this final version, charging/leaping demons were included to give the knights a reason to be fighting. I went with bloody/oily looking demons, frankly because they look unnatural. I blurred out the background because I felt it was too distracting. I then increased some of the shadowing, such as on the foremost knight's face, the weapons, and their armor/shield.
I am pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks for looking!

Knights, Weapon detail

I added some weapon detail into this version. Nothing too fancy, just highlights, shadows, the wood handle on the axe, chains on the morningstar, etc. I also added shadows underneath the knights.

Knights, Background

Next up, the background. Sticking with the desert theme, I added in a desert building, with a slight rolling hill. I had to manipulate the image, filling in areas and adding in where nothing was. The spot healing tool and patch tool are great for combining images together and taking out unwanted blemishes. I set it to a double layer, which darkened it slightly, making it more evil feeling.

Knights, Base Color

With this image version, I through the base colors onto it, and then added the highlighted colors.
Again, I went with a more brown based color for the tabards, and like the paladin, the red is also more brown based.
At this stage, I also added in the base for the weapons.

Knights, B/W, added detail

With this version of the larger greyscale, I added in details, such as the foremost knight's face. More definition was added to the more distant knights.

Knights in Greyscale

From that sketch, I created a 4x5 72dpi greyscale image of 3 knights looking like they are in battle. I put in directional lighting for a basis on where to put shadows and highlights, as well as give a lightsource later in the image. I added highlights and shadows with the dodge and burn tools, just like the paladin. Once I was satisfied, I increased the image size to 8x11 and 300dpi.

Knight Sketch

Here is the concept sketch to base my non-magical knights on. I looked through images of armor types and styles for the Knights of the Crusade, so based mine similarly. I am thinking that throughout the game and with more and more experiences and battles, their garb would start to change (added armor plates, special items, kill trophies, etc).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paladin, Final

With this final version, I added in some glow onto the character from his spell casting. I also added in some demon adversaries for him to be battling. The fire did not come out as I would have liked it, and after quite a few tries, I decided on this one. I will go back to it and try it again at a later date. I also blurred out the demons slightly so they weren't as pronounced as the character.

Thank you for checking out my concept art.

Paladin, Effects added

For this version, I added in some sand blowing across the character.
I also started work on the spell that he was casting. Because this is a video game concept, and players love interesting visuals and eye candy, I felt it necessary to add in the glyphs around the spell, like an unspoken language he is invoking.

Paladin, Shadows and Highlights

I then went back to my character and added in more defined highlights and shadows to him. This made him "pop" a little more in the image. I tried to make his armor appear as if it were mithril or some shiny type of metal, fantasy-like in a sense.

Paladin, Background added

At this point, I added in a background. Since I wanted this game to take place in the Holy Lands, that meant a lot of desert. Using various bits from desert images (such as the hut), I toned it down and blurred it slightly so as not to draw too much attention from the character. I decided that, since it's the desert and sandstorms happen, why not make it seem like malefic powers were causing it.

Paladin with color

Once I saw satisfied with the greyscale version, I use a color layer and applied the base colors for each area. I then used highlighted versions of the color on another layer. I felt that the cloth, being made from a sheep, should be more brown in tone than grey. This makes it less inanimate and gives more life to the character.

Paladin in Black and White

For this starting digital piece, I opened Photoshop and using the sketch for reference, made a greyscale of the paladin. I added lighting to help with directional lighting and then went about using the dodge and burn tools to give highlights and shadows to the image. The image started as a 72 dpi 4x5 size and grew to 8x11 at 300 dpi.

Paladin Sketch

This is a character for a video game concept I have been tinkering with, based VERY loosely on the Knights Templar of the Crusades.
The concept in the video game is based on a specialized group of Templar, a kill team so to speak, that hunts demonic infestations when and where they arise. They are the elite of the elite.

This character is a paladin. While still a strong fighter, he is also very spiritual and can cast spells to hurt and banish demons.

I started out with a sketch of his armor. I exaggerated it to give him a more unique and powerful look. I wanted him to stand out in the group.